Delay in arrivals

If you make a reservation and do not show when we agreed the tolerance of waiting will be 59 minutes. Once past it is considered no show and the reservation is canceled.

Connection with flights. If your flight is delayed or rescheduled you have to communicate this change as soon as possible.

Wait at night. If you arrive to pick up the car outside our office hours you have to notify Central Reservation (or office making), indicating new arrival and credit card data to confirm the expected off hours. Additional charges  (see additional charges).

If you know in advance that you remove the vehicle out of hours care have to do prepaid expected by using your credit card. To confirm you are prompted phone, credit card data and flight number. This fee is not refundable.

Permission for crossing borders

If your plan includes crossing to bordering countries have into account that the mechanical coverage and the carriage in the outside will be to charge of the customer. This permission pays in advance and in case of cancellation would not correspond repayment.

Subject to availability and has an additional charge (see additional charges). Our vehicles can only cross to Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. (Take into account that for crossings to Brazil and Uruguay, the client must sign the original request 72 hours before the permit can be processed.).

Delivery and collection

Subject to availability and with additional charge. To confirm this service you have to contact your Reservation Centre.