Confirmation of the booking implies knowledge and acceptance of the terms thereof.

For other rental conditions, requirements, fees, restrictions, etc., We recommend you enter on our website:, where you will find all the specifications available.

The customer must present to remove the reserved car carrying ID or PASP, valid driver’s license and credit card to secure the franchise (A pre-authorization will be taken from the customer’s credit card for the value of the corresponding guarantee according to the rented category).(see coverage and guarantees) – A lock will be made on the customer’s credit card as a rental guarantee. The credit card must have sufficient funds to generate such block, otherwise the rent can not be specified. Please check the amount you must have available by calling 0810 222 4378 or the branch from which you will withdraw the vehicle

Rent requirement: be over 21.

The rent will be paid when you collect your vehicle

The tolerance of the reservation will be one hour. In case of changes, please communicate it to our reservation center (54 11) 4816-8001.

In cases applying border crossing permit, the cover mechanic and hauling abroad are paid by the customer. The permit must be paid in advance and in case of cancellation no refund in this connection correspond.

For rentals initiated in El Calafate and want to travel around the island of Tierra del Fuego, as well as rents Ushuaia initiated and that wish to circulate around the continent must have permission Argentine border crossing. The same should be sent in advance to the Central Reservations office or home for rent. Subject to availability and has an additional charge (see additional charges).

Please note: Check the arrival time of your flight if it is delayed or rescheduled and the new schedule is close to closing time of our airport offices must communicate the change.

The person making the reservation or requesting agency will be responsible for notifying the Central Reservations office or take, flight changes and provide the credit card details required to confirm the expected after-hours (if applicable) , it will have an additional (see additional charges).

If requested and confirmed nightly charge the same shall be pre-paid (through the passenger’s credit card), if the cost of such a cancellation fee will not be refunded. It is the responsibility of the applicant to report all data required to confirm the expected rate (namely passenger cell phone, credit card data and flight number), failing which the wait is not guaranteed.

The rentals scheduled for out-of-hours care offices Airports suffer an additional charge in respect of “nightly charge (after hours)”, which will be debited with the cost of a rental day card credit with which the reservation was made and will not be refunded in case of no show the date and time set originally.

Depending on the province in which the holiday starts, contracts are subject to the application of a provincial tax to Sealed ranging between 0.6% and 2% of the total rental application.

In Neuquen, Bariloche, Calafate and Trelew windshield damage (cracks, chips, etc.), also the damage to tires and / or wheels (punctures, breakage of any kind) the value of repair or replacement thereof shall be borne customer.

General Conditions:

1. Request parts:

1.1 – The Company running Hertz Brand, duly identified on the back of this car rental request, henceforth identified as “Hertz in Argentina”.

1.2 – 1.2 Natural or legal person, and duly identified on the back of this car rental request, henceforth identified as “Customer”.

2. Rented vehicle

2.1 – 2.1 The vehicle, duly marked and identified on the back of this request, and in proper conditions of use, maintenance and operation.

2.2 – 2.2 Customer is completely responsible of the safekeeping of the vehicle, its accessories and documentation as well, up to the time it is returned to Hertz in Argentina. Car must be returned in the same conditions it was delivered. In case of missing parts, Customer will be charged for them.

2.3 – Delivering the rented car, Hertz in Argentina gives its safekeeping, remaining exempted of any responsibility derived of its use during the effect of this request.

3. Benefits granted by Hertz in Argentina

3.1 – Except for malice or serious fault, third party damage coverage (up to $10.000.000) is granted. Above such amount, Customer will be responsible. Likewise, Customer states its compliance to the extents of the third party damage insurance policy contracted by Hertz in Argentina.

3.2 – 3.2 Hertz in Argentina may charge loss of profit charge to customer, in case customer were responsible of the damage.

4. Obligations of the parts of this request.

4.1 – As this request is accepted, Hertz in Argentina is required to comply to:

  • 4.1.1 – Provide mechanical and technical assistance, through its maintenance centers and during business hours.

4.2 – Customer is required to comply to:

  • 4.2.1 – Not violate, by itself or authorized driver, willingly or unwillingly, any of the terms and conditions of this request.
  • 4.2.2 – Not allow unauthorized driver to drive the rented car.
  • 4.2.3 – In case of accident, theft or fire, duly inform Hertz in Argentina within 24 hours the event takes place.
  • 4.2.4 – Regarding the previous clause, within 24 hours the event takes place, to fill in an accident police report, handing the certified form to F458 S.A. .
  • 4.2.5 – In case of traffic accident, to request competent authority to perform technical assessment on the rented car and gather personal data of accident witnesses (if any).

4.3 – If any of the obligations mentioned on this request is not complied, or if Customer behaved with malice regarding car safekeeping (leaving it abandoned, or parked with opened doors or windows down, keys on) or behaved with malice in traffic accident or any other event it may be involved, Customer will be responsible for every damage and Hertz in Argentina will be able to terminate this request. If so, Customer will lose the benefits granted in clauses 3.1 and 3.2.

4.4 – Not to comply with any communal, state or national traffic rule that affects to third parties or the rented car, makes Customer lose the benefits granted. Customer will be civil and criminal responsible of its misbehavior.

5. Other rental conditions:

5.1 – 5.1 This request is personal and non-transferable, being the Customer the legal keeper of the rented car, which shall not be driven by any unauthorized person, under penalty of losing the benefits granted in this request. If Customer is a legal person, it must provide a list of authorized personnel to drive the rented car, who shall be covered by a work accident policy.

5.2 – The rented car shall not be used for a purpose other than the specified on the registration form or determined by the maker. The car will only be used in Argentina territory (except with a special authorization) on appropriate roads. If the above mentioned is not complied, the agreement will be rescinded with the consequences mentioned in point 4.3

6 Vehicle return, terms, misappropriation and compulsive return because of early termination

6.1 – The rented vehicle must be returned to Hertz in Argentina on the date settled in the addendum of this agreement, identified as “agreed return”. Any rental term extension shall be requested 30 days in advance by this agreement holder, through a written mean and it shall be accepted by a written mean as well (rental term extension by telephone is not accepted). If the above mentioned is not complied, Hertz in Argentina is able to initiate legal actions because of misappropriation, with no need of prior advice.

6.2 If misappropriation is confirmed, customer will be liable for any criminal penalties, and must pay any expense Hertz in Argentina could have in order to search the car. Customer will lose the granted benefits.

6.3 – In case of an emergency or justified causes which force to an anticipated rescission (mentioned in clause 8), the car shall be returned to F458 S.A. within a term established in the pertinent notice. If not, misappropriation may occur.

6.4 – The rented car shall be returned to Hertz in Argentina at the location where it was delivered. Nevertheless, the car can be returned at any location run by an authorized Hertz franchisee. Return costs towards original rental location will be at customer expense

7. Rental expenses and collection methods.

7.1 – At the time of car return, Hertz in Argentina will calculate the expenses of the rental term, according to this agreement conditions. Other costs at customer expense and not immediately claimed by Hertz in Argentina may exist. Customer commits itself to pay every traffic fines, rental miscalculations, damage/loss expenses to the rented car or third parties. Likewise, the customer will pay traffic fines occurred during rental term and received by Hertz in Argentina after car return.

7.2 – Customer will be always responsible for any indemnification to Hertz in Argentina, without prejudice of its repetition rights against third parties involved in the damages, as well as for any expenses Hertz in Argentina may be have as a consequence of being passive solidary.

7.3 Any delayed amount owned to Hertz in Argentina will have an interest, doubling Banco Nación rate.


8 In advance rescission.

8.1 – In the event of a cancellation or no show of the pre-paid online reservation, a 4% + VAT will be withheld for administrative expenses and a cancellation fee will be applied.

9 Final dispositions.

9.1 – Compensatory liability exemptions mentioned in this agreement do not implicate rental company to hire insurance policies. They mean that Hertz in Argentina. may just opt to assume costs or compensatory liabilities that could be a consequence of use of the rented car.

9.2 – Hertz in Argentina will be able to hire civil liability insurance policies to cover amounts of contractually agreed compensatory liabilities.

9.3 – Customer is civil and criminal responsible for any declarations granted at the time of rental agreement signature.

9.4 – Hertz in Argentina is not responsible for any objects and valuables forgotten inside the rented car.

9.5 – Hertz in Argentina is authorized to get personal information from financial institutions and credit card issuing companies.

9.6 – In case of lack of rental agreement payment or of any other expense, customer will be considered defaulter and will lose every granted benefit.

10 Jurisdiction.

10.1 – For all purpose of this agreement, the parts constitute the addresses settled in the addendum, and they submit to the jurisdiction of ordinary courts of Buenos Aires City, resigning any other jurisdiction.

For all purposes of the addresses are present in the parts indicated in the obverse of this, and are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the City Buenos Aires, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction.

Through this the customer expressly notes that in the case of: 1. Theft of the rental vehicle. 2. Fire. 3. Missing. 4. Broken tires and / or wheels. 5. Accident or collision damage the rental vehicle. 6. Damage due to weather (hail, etc…). 7. Any damage caused to the rental vehicle, the customer will be responsible with their assets up to the amount of the franchise fee equivalent to the type and category of vehicle and the company that operates the Hertz brand will cover any amount above.

Also, through this client also learns to express that rollover, the customer shall bear their own assets to the amount established by the concept franchise company that operates the Hertz brand will cover any amount that exceeds that amount.

In the case that the seizure of rolled rented for speeding or for any other reason, F 458 SA also receive directly from the tenant, in respect of loss of earnings, the value of the day’s rental unit RENTED for each day that situation lasts, until it is restored. This is without prejudice to the other obligations and clauses contained in this application.


1. – Engine failure, and in this case the customer to pay the total amount budgeted by an official dealership. 2 – Airbag: any eventuality if they will trigger the airbag, must be paid in full by The customer pays ALL OF THESE ITEMS AND DAMAGES ABOVE THE 100%.

Regarding Fines: It is your responsibility to respect traffic rules in force and is obligated to comply with all traffic laws set by the authorities of the federal, provincial and municipal levels, and the controls by any means, electronic labrese control by public authorities or national, provincial or municipal inspectorate and / or other means of assessing fines. In If registering traffic violations committed by the driver or other authorized driver assigned under the request of rental, the company that operates the Hertz brand is authorized to debit the credit card to guarantee the rental application corresponding amounts.

The instruments used to apply or not being paid the FRANCHISE, checks will be made during the delivery and receipt of the vehicle. Of the latter derives the extreme importance of correct detailed and complete realization of checks, for which we ask your cooperation in the work of the auxiliary fleet.

The client states on the above knowledge, accepting the above conditions, and is informed that ALL CLAIMS CASES, you are responsible for filing the police report and complete the administrative complaint in reference to what happened.