Confirmation of the booking implies knowledge and acceptance of the terms thereof.

For other rental conditions, requirements, fees, restrictions, etc., We recommend you enter on our website:, where you will find all the specifications available.

The customer must present to remove the reserved car carrying ID or PASP, valid driver’s license and credit card to secure the franchise – the client must pay a credit card voucher signed blank as rental guarantee

Rent requirement: be over 21.

The rent will be paid when you collect your vehicle

The tolerance of the reservation will be one hour. In case of changes, please communicate it to our reservation center (54 11) 4816-8001.

In cases applying border crossing permit, the cover mechanic and hauling abroad are paid by the customer. The permit must be paid in advance and in case of cancellation no refund in this connection correspond.

For rentals initiated in El Calafate and want to travel around the island of Tierra del Fuego, as well as rents Ushuaia initiated and / or Rio Grande and that wish to circulate around the continent must have permission Argentine border crossing. The same should be sent in advance to the Central Reservations office or home for rent. Subject to availability and has an additional charge of AR$ 800.00. –

Please note: Check the arrival time of your flight if it is delayed or rescheduled and the new schedule is close to closing time of our airport offices must communicate the change.

The person making the reservation or requesting agency will be responsible for notifying the Central Reservations office or take, flight changes and provide the credit card details required to confirm the expected after-hours (if applicable) , it will have an additional:

Since the closing time to 01:00 am AR$330.57 + IVA

From 01:30 am until the time of opening of the office AR$ 537.19 + IVA.

If requested and confirmed nightly charge the same shall be pre-paid (through the passenger’s credit card), if the cost of such a cancellation fee will not be refunded. It is the responsibility of the applicant to report all data required to confirm the expected rate (namely passenger cell phone, credit card data and flight number), failing which the wait is not guaranteed.

The rentals scheduled for out-of-hours care offices Airports suffer an additional charge in respect of “nightly charge (after hours)”, which will be debited with the cost of a rental day card credit with which the reservation was made and will not be refunded in case of no show the date and time set originally.

Depending on the province in which the holiday starts, contracts are subject to the application of a provincial tax to Sealed ranging between 0.6% and 2% of the total rental application.

In Neuquen, Bariloche, Calafate and Trelew windshield damage (cracks, chips, etc.), also the damage to tires and / or wheels (punctures, breakage of any kind) the value of repair or replacement thereof shall be borne customer.


General Conditions:


1. Parts of Application:

1.1 – The company that operates under the brand Hertz, properly identified the car rental application

1.2 – Individual or company signatory and properly identified in the request for car rental hereinafter called “client”.

2. Automotive rented

2.1 – The car properly characterized and identified in the rental application and is in perfect condition, maintenance and operation.

2.2 – The client is fully responsible for the custody of both the automobile and its accessories and documents, until the effective return of the same to HERTZ IN ARGENTINA, which must be in the same condition in which it was delivered. In case the customer will be missing take care of them.

2.3 – HERTZ IN ARGENTINA with the delivery of the car gave the guard in vehicle location, remaining exempted from any liability emerging from the use of the road for the duration of the present.

3. Benefits granted by HERTZ IN ARGENTINA

3.1 – Unless malice or gross negligence, contractual coverage is provided for damage to third (Liability) to $ 3,000,000 and any value above this figure will cover sole responsibility of the customer. Also the client-lessee hereby expresses its accordance with the scope of the insurance policy taken out by HERTZ IN ARGENTINA for third party damages.

3.2 – Waiver of collection of profits as the vehicle provided that the incident locado the tenant was blameless.

4. Obligations of the parties to this application.

4.1 – HERTZ IN ARGENTINA once accepted this request, agree to:

  • 4.1.1 – Provide through its central maintenance, and business hours, support mechanical technician.

4.2 – The Customer is obligated to:

  • 4.2.1 – not itself infringing or authorized driver, either voluntarily or involuntarily of the terms and conditions herein.
  • 4.2.2 – Do not allow the use of the vehicle by another driver who is not duly and expressly individualized as authorized in this application.
  • 4.2.3 – In case of accident, theft or fire of the vehicle, notifying reliably what happened to Hertz ARGENTINA. In the twenty-four (24) hours of occurrence.
  • 4.2.4 – In the cases referred to the previous point, and within a maximum of twenty-four (24) hours to have the event or from the time that you take cognizance of the fact, make a complaint before the competent police division, requiring the respective certified record, which shall be delivered to HERTZ IN ARGENTINA, the time of the accident administrative complaint HERTZ IN ARGENTINA before, this instrument shall be signed, reserving HERTZ IN ARGENTINA The right require a new complaint or description by the owner of the application or driver of the accident, for which the client-lessee will be quoted promptly.
  • 4.2.5 – Requesting, traffic accident, the realization of relevant expertise to competent authority and the data of the witnesses who had witnessed the incident.

4.3 – In case of breach of any of the obligations set out in paragraph 4.2 and / or any of the conditions of this application, and / or if the client proceed with manifest negligence in the custody and / or use of the unit, especially if he should leave abandoned or stationary with doors or with glasses unlocked low keys in the ignition cylinder, open garage door, etc.. and / or proceed with gross negligence or willful misconduct in traffic accident or any other event that may involve you, be liable for damages cause its action, empowering HERTZ IN ARGENTINA also proceed to the termination of this application automatically losing the benefits given in 3.1 to 3.2.

4.4 – The violation of any rule or national provincial municipal traffic that originates harm to persons or rolled rented customer will lose the advantage granted, making the civilly and criminally responsible customer than its cause misbehavior.

5. Other rental terms:

5.1 – This application is not transferable, taking the client’s legal guardian locado car, which can not be conducted by persons other than those authorized in this application, under penalty of losing the advantage granted and be responsible for damages in its entirety. If the customer is a legal person, it becomes bound by this intermediate HERTZ IN ARGENTINA provide a list with the list of authorized dependents management, who must be covered with a workers’ compensation policy contracted by the client.

5.2 – The car locado may not, under any circumstances, be used for a purpose other than specific destination stated on the certificate of registration and / or manufacturer’s specifications, may move only country (except special order), and routes enabled for this purpose. Failure to comply with the provisions herein shall result in the early termination and consequences listed in paragraph 4.3.

6 Returning the car, deadlines, misappropriation and compulsive return termination advance

6.1 – The vehicle must be returned to locado HERTZ IN ARGENTINA on the date recorded in the box located in the front of this application and identified as “expected return”. Any request for extension shall be requested by the holder of the information personally signing the order which must be accepted in writing also, lack validity telephone communication any respect. Failure to adhere to established herein grant the right to the lessor to promote HERTZ IN ARGENTINA relevant criminal actions by misappropriation of the road, without notice.

6.2 Configured client misappropriation also be subject to sanctions criminal court derived therefrom, bearing all legal costs or HERTZ IN ARGENTINA extrajudicial do for search, seizure and cash refund of rental car and other damages caused. Any loss of any advantage granted.

6.3 – In emergency cases for good reasons that cause early termination of the application referred to in clause 8, the car must be returned to HERTZ IN ARGENTINA within set by the relevant notification, under penalty of the crime of misappropriation configured improper.

6.4 – The rental car must be returned to HERTZ IN ARGENTINA in the place of employment of the rent. however, in any of the cases referred to in this clause, the return of order may be made in any other legal entity operating under the brand Hertz, being by the customer the cost of returning the unit to the source.

7. Rental costs and collection forms.

7.1 – At the time of the return of the vehicle, the calculation of costs and items of the rental period is going to be based on the terms and conditions of this application. If however, may be borne by the customer debits unclaimed immediately HERTZ IN ARGENTINA. Through this, the customer agrees to pay timely traffic violations committed, differences occurred eventually rent calculation, the damages, breakages or missing in the car suffered damage locado and third. Also the customer will pay the traffic violations and subsequently received arising during the rental period.

7.2 – The customer is always directly responsible for reparations due to HERTZ IN ARGENTINA without affect the exercise of any rights of recourse against third cause damage, as well as for expenses and payments HERTZ IN ARGENTINA was forced to perform by your account, solidarity passive force that can link it.

7.3 Any payment due to HERTZ IN ARGENTINA and made a late payment interest will be charged past due twice the lending rate of the National Bank in its discount operations.


8 Early Termination.

8.1 – for just cause and by certified notice, with a minimum of 24 hours, the rental application may be terminated by either party applicants, without prejudice to the pending financial arrangements.

9 Final Provisions.

9.1 – The indemnification disclaimers contained in this application, no involve the purchase of insurance by the landlady. They mean only that F458 Inc. contract may choose to assume the costs, damages, or liabilities eventually indemnification that may result from use and circulation of the rental car.

9.2 – HERTZ IN ARGENTINA may, in its sole discretion, choose optional insurance contracts covering liability values and amounts of exemptions indemnification responsibilities as may be contractually agreed.

9.3 – The customer becomes liable civilly and criminally for the statements made in the signing of the rental application.

9.4 – HERTZ IN ARGENTINA not responsible for the forgotten objects and values in the rental car.

9.5 – HERTZ IN ARGENTINA always be authorized to obtain personal information of the client with financial institutions and credit card issuers.

9.6 – Non-payment by the customer of the rental value and / or any item here agreed as will automatically incur arrears, making him lose all benefits agreed in the present.

10 Jurisdiction.

For all purposes of the addresses are present in the parts indicated in the obverse of this, and are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the City Buenos Aires, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction.

Through this the customer expressly notes that in the case of: 1. Theft of the rental vehicle. 2. Fire. 3. Missing. 4. Broken tires and / or wheels. 5. Accident or collision damage the rental vehicle. 6. Damage due to weather (hail, etc…). 7. Any damage caused to the rental vehicle, the customer will be responsible with their assets up to the amount of the franchise fee equivalent to the type and category of vehicle and the company that operates the Hertz brand will cover any amount above.

Also, through this client also learns to express that rollover, the customer shall bear their own assets to the amount established by the concept franchise company that operates the Hertz brand will cover any amount that exceeds that amount.

In the case that the seizure of rolled rented for speeding or for any other reason, F 458 SA also receive directly from the tenant, in respect of loss of earnings, the value of the day’s rental unit RENTED for each day that situation lasts, until it is restored. This is without prejudice to the other obligations and clauses contained in this application.


1. – Engine failure, and in this case the customer to pay the total amount budgeted by an official dealership. 2 – Airbag: any eventuality if they will trigger the airbag, must be paid in full by The customer pays ALL OF THESE ITEMS AND DAMAGES ABOVE THE 100%.

Regarding Fines: It is your responsibility to respect traffic rules in force and is obligated to comply with all traffic laws set by the authorities of the federal, provincial and municipal levels, and the controls by any means, electronic labrese control by public authorities or national, provincial or municipal inspectorate and / or other means of assessing fines. In If registering traffic violations committed by the driver or other authorized driver assigned under the request of rental, the company that operates the Hertz brand is authorized to debit the credit card to guarantee the rental application corresponding amounts.

The instruments used to apply or not being paid the FRANCHISE, checks will be made during the delivery and receipt of the vehicle. Of the latter derives the extreme importance of correct detailed and complete realization of checks, for which we ask your cooperation in the work of the auxiliary fleet.

The client states on the above knowledge, accepting the above conditions, and is informed that ALL CLAIMS CASES, you are responsible for filing the police report and complete the administrative complaint in reference to what happened.