Car Rentals
Argentina – Master Rental S.A.- Hertz System Licensee

My first rent

Welcome to the car rental experience

What I need

  • Be over 21
  • Valid driving license from the country of residence
  • Credit card (as guarantee)

How do I pay

You can pay by credit card , debit card or cash. The daily rental value is low and recruitment is 24h . If you cancel you have to give at least 24 hours. in advance. The car rental service is paid in advance , ie at the time of pickup.

Where to book

By web
(Price 20% OFF)
Central reservation by telephone 0810-222 – HERTZ (43789)
In our branches: Click here

How do I book

Online Booking in 4 steps

You can book our cars 24/7



Once you send your reservation you receive an email with a confirmation number. In case of unavailability your application is on require under a number. A representative will be contacting to confirm it.

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Get ready to enjoy the road

Enjoy your trip with the comfort of our cars. Constantly renewed fleet and variety of vehicles for you to choose the one that best suits your destiny.
Coverage options according to your needs. Enjoy the road, you’re covered.
Indulge your curiosity and discover new places. Our rates include unlimited mileage.
With Hertz Argentina itinerary is in your hands, come and go when you want.