Have a question about your rental experience? Review the information below or contact one of our locations.

How can I make a car-rental reservation?

Contacting our reservation call center at (011) 4816-8001 or from inside to 0810-222-43789, via e-mail to the box [email protected] or in person at any of our branches nationwide.

Can I extend the duration of my car rental?

Yes by contacting and making a request at the branch at which you hired your vehicle from or calling the phone number listed on your rental application (Subject to availability).

Can I leave Argentina with the car?

Yes leave the country Hertz allows the vehicle to neighbouring countries such as Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, on request with minimum time required and paying the appropriate fee to exit permit.

Can I return the car to a different city?

Yes, it is possible to return the vehicle within Argentina in a different city to which the vehicle was removed. Drop off this service may have an additional charge, see about our rates according to the distance between the two cities. The service must be requested at our offices or through the central reservation and is subject to availability.

Ask about specials where this service has no extra charge.

Do I have discounts or benefits for Hertz rent a car?

Yes, all our customers have access to a number of benefits when renting a car with us, thanks to the agreements we have with companies in different sectors such as hotels, restaurants and shops. For more information about the benefits and discounts that you can go to enjoy the Benefits section for customers.

Does the car rental price include coverage?

Yes, the insurance coverage is provided without excess collision damage to the car * (exceptions apply, see conditions as the rental application) and includes coverage to third parties of up to $ 6,000,000. Coverage will be a franchise (variable depending on the vehicle category) in case weather causes damage, theft or robbery – total and / or partial – and overturning by customer.

How can I join the team at Hertz Argentina?

You can send your resume to [email protected] box, or follow us on Linked-in.

How can I open a Hertz Franchise?

If you want a Hertz franchise, please complete the franchise form.

How can I pay for my reservation?

You can pay by cash, credit card: American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa or debit cards: Visa Electron and Maestro.

How can I receive news from Hertz?

You can join to our social networks: FacebookTwitterLinkedinFoursquare.

How can I view and book outside Argentina?

Hertz offers Reserves service whereby you can book a car in another country from Argentina, contacting by phone (011) 4816-8001 or 0810-222-43789, by e-mail to [email protected] or in person at any of our branches nationwide.

Is there an emergency service?

Yes We have an emergency service 24 hours nationwide, contact them through 0800-555-0100 or emergency phone registered in your rental application.

What additional services are available for hire?

Highchair, GPS, ski rack, snow chains, luggage rack, safe eliminator franchise in case of collision, and reducing insurance franchise in a collision at 50%.

What are the steps to rent a car online?

Log in to the reservation and fill out the appropriate form. In case the required section, please e-mail or telephone with Central Reservations.

For further information, visit My First Rent.

What is the minimum time I car rent a car?

For our categories refer Car Fleet section, where each detail.

What is the rental application?

Please visit the terms and conditions page for more information. Click Here.

Which are the offices in Argentina?

Hertz has offices and branches in major cities of Argentina. To learn more about the location and contact them to enter Locations section.