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Trelew – Airport

Trelew – Airport

Ruta 3 Km 1450, 9100
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Car rental in Trelew - Chubut

Argentina Hertz also offers the service of rental cars in Trelew. Our stand at the Almirante Marcos A. Zar Airport facilitates the mobility of passengers arriving by plane and need the service of rental cars in Trelew.

Trelew is a city in the lower Chubut River Valley, in the department Rawson, in the northeast of Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina. It is located 1451 km from Buenos Aires and 17 km from Rawson, the provincial capital.

Coverage of our car rental service in Trelew:

Whether for business or pleasure Trelew is one of the conveners destinations in Argentina. Today the city is one of the most important commercial, industrial and textile centers of the country.

The city of Trelew also serves as a base for tourist activities of national and international importance throughout the year, connecting points of interest such as Peninsula Valdes, Punta Tombo, Gaiman, Florentino Ameghino dam and others.

The climate of Trelew is on average an annual minimum of 6.8° and a maximum average of 20.6°. These weather conditions make the hire car in Trelew more interesting to get around the city and its surroundings choice.

In this destination passengers will find an extensive range of cuisine ranging from fast food to gourmet cuisine. Patagonian cuisine has already won fame place, the use of products, raw materials and resources gave rise to a culinary identity that opens roads in the country and the world. One of the stars is undoubtedly the Patagonian lamb barbecue and still, fish, seafood, marinades, sauces and special desserts made with regional products.

Those seeking a hire car in Trelew choose the Hertz Argentina by personalized service, advice from our operators, the excellence of the fleet and the undisputed track record both in this destination and the rest of the country.

The vehicle chosen by most travelers in Trelew is CATEGORY E, however we always suggest check availability as this would depending on the season.