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In Argentina Hertz have offices for hire car in San Luis. Our branches are in the city center and the Airport of San Luis Brigadier Mayor Cesar R. Ojeda. The days and hours of our offices in hire car in San Luis are:

San Luis is located in the southwest of the mountains of San Luis, in an area called Punta deer. It has a bi-oceanic corridor, National Route 7; two other domestic routes, the RN 146 and RN 147; plus provincial routes 3 and 20.

The city is located 711 meters above sea level, positioning itself as the third largest city with more height Argentina. It has numerous recreational parks and squares.

Since the city is between mountains and a river, you can witness low and high geographical areas, with some areas of steep ravines (bass).

We have a booth at the Brigadier Mayor Cesar Raul Ojeda Airport where we receive and passengers who usually travel to and from Buenos Aires and San Rafael, Mendoza.

Hertz Argentina is the more traditional cars rentadora this destination, positioning itself as a favorite of travelers thanks to the personal attention, quality of service and excellent fleet of vehicles.

The vehicles most chosen in San Luis are the E Class and Class H. recommend that you always check availability according to the season as it is a high-demand for vehicles due to the great tourist offer of the place.

San Luis attracts both families and young people. The climate is temperate and semi-arid, the average high temperature in a year is 24° and the average minimum in the year is 10.3°.

Coverage of our car rental service in San Luis:

Tourist circuits from San Luis

Sierras, valleys, plains, lagoons, salt mines, hot springs; urban sites and rural trails; cultural reservoirs and manifest modernity; serenity intrinsic and seductive active proposals; silence and rhythm; humility and extravagance; tradition and development; everything is possible and captivating in this exquisite tourist destination where the visitor will find the maximum satisfaction of their preferences and more.

San Luis

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