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Resistencia – Airport

Resistencia – Airport

Ruta Nacional 11, Km 1003,5, 3500
Phone (54 0362) 154779412
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Car rental in Resistencia Airport

Our office rental cars in Chaco is located at the International Airport of the city of Resistencia. Days and times vary according to flight. We recommend prior consultation. With our service rental cars in Chaco the passenger can travel with peace and freedom at all times.
Whether for business or pleasure the city of Resistance is a strategic point for connecting a passenger in the northeast region of the country. The climate in the whole province is semitropical. Summers are very hot; winters mild. To the west is entered in an increasingly continental climate, where the temperature range is higher and drier climate, especially in the winter it suffers from a marked dry season. The presence of swamps, marshes and lagoons provides greater richness to the landscape. Palm trees are typical of near the Parana and Paraguay rivers grasslands, to the point that a palm tree is the main drawing within the provincial shield. In this category of vehicle destination of choice for passengers is CATEGORY E. For more information on availability according to previously communicate seasons recommend to confirm. Chaco is one of the main locations that connect the region of the Argentine coast, now in addition to being a destination for business, it is also a place with an important cultural and natural wealth that bring tourists from all over the country. For more than 25 years ago with passengers choose to move our car rental service in Chaco for being the company with more experience, professionalism and support the market. Argentina Hertz operators offer personalized service to passengers so that both the time of delivery and return of the vehicle is quick and easy. At our booth rental car in Chaco client is advised on rates, type of vehicle and recommended promotions. Coverage of our car rental service in Chaco: