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Neuquén – Airport

Neuquén – Airport

Aeropuerto Neuquén, 8300
Phone (54 0299) 444-0146

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Car rental in Neuquen Airport

Our offices hire car in Neuquen cover the city and the airport. The service car rental in Neuquen of Hertz Argentina is synonymous with comfort, freedom and security. Hours and days of operation are:

  • Stand Airport
    Address: Cabrera 929
    Hours: Monday to Monday; 8-22 pm
    Note: Deliveries after 10 pm will have a surcharge fee Night

The city of Neuquén is located at the top of the Patagonian plateau, about 250 km from the Andes and about 350 km from San Matias Gulf in the Argentine sea. The climate is dry and cold with temperatures ranging between 14º and 30º C in summer and 0 ° and 13 ° C in winter. Neuquén lives in constant movement day and night, offering the possibility to perform various activities and visit the most important shopping center in Patagonia.

Most travelers come to Neuquén en route to more glamorous destinations in Patagonia and the Lake District; the city is the center of the main transport area, with excellent connections to Bariloche and other destinations in the Lake District, to further south to Chile.

The activities that can be done throughout the province of Neuquen include: skiing, camping, fishing, hiking, climbing, rafting, horseback riding, trekking, wine tourism. Whatever the plan, hire car in Neuquen is the best way to move freely through all the attractions.

Thanks to our benefits program, those who choose a hire car with Hertz Argentina Neuquen access to discounts on accommodations.

In our branches the rental process and return are simple, practical and fast. We seek the passenger enjoy your time driving through the scenic roads of Neuquen instead of paperwork.

Thousands of passengers and choose our car hire service in Neuquen on our experience and prestige.

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