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Córdoba – Airport

Córdoba – Airport

Av. La Voz Del Interior 8500
Phone (54 0351) 4750581/87

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Car rental in Cordoba Airport

Travel to Córdoba! You land and we'll be waiting at the booth hire car in Cordoba Airport of Hertz Argentina at the airport Pajas Blancas.

Our days and hours are as follows:

  • Cordoba Downtown
    Colon 835, Cordoba.
    Monday to Friday from 8 to 20 pm.
    Saturdays from 8 to 14hs.
  • Airport Pajas Blancas (Pajas Blancas)
    Av. La Voz del Interior 8500, Cordoba.
    Sunday to Friday 7 to 23hs.
    7 to 21 pm Saturday.
    Note: Deliveries after hours will Nocturna rate charges. Check when booking.

Ingeniero Ambrosio Taravella, better known as Airport Pajas Blancas International Airport is one of the most important in Argentina and serves much of the center of the country. In addition to domestic destinations, it operates international flights to countries in South America and Central America. It is only 11.5 KM from downtown Cordoba, road surrounded by mountains, rivers and endless landscapes worthy of knowing.

Walk delighted trails, feel the air of a privileged climate, explore its unique landscapes, stroll through the historic center of the capital and know the Jesuitical legacy, are some of the possibilities proposed by the Province of Córdoba, Argentina, where one decides to contact his landscapes and culture.

The province of Cordoba is an ideal place to experience the most diverse sensations destination. Córdoba is the place where all tourists can enjoy their favorite recreational activities throughout the year. It is a place with several proposals. Among these is the Church of the Capuchins, The Jesuit Block, Cordoba Historical Museum among others. In addition, its cuisine is truly unique, worthy of taste.

Thanks to our customer loyalty program benefits Sobre Ruedas, our passengers can enjoy your hire car in Cordoba a series of discounts on dining, shopping and personal care.

We are the car rental company in Cordoba with more experience. We provide personal attention to passenger guide and solve their mobility needs in this busy part of the country. Both for those traveling for business or pleasure.

In our car rental branches in Córdoba you can make a process of check-in / check-out very fast thanks to our team of operators. In addition you can see everything you need on special services, advice on fleet and best rates by type of trip and number of passengers traveling.

Our categories of vehicles most chosen in this destination are CATEGORY CATEGORY E and H. Anyway we always recommend check availability according to season.

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