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La Plata is the capital of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is also head of the homonymous party. It is located 56 km southeast of the city of Buenos Aires. It is the 5th most populous urban agglomerate country after Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario and Mendoza. It is often dubbed as the city of diagonals.

The climate is mild, the average annual temperature is around 16.3 ° C. Due to its proximity to the River Plate moisture it tends to be abundant, with an annual average humidity of 80%.

The most important tourist places are in the founding axis of the city, among the streets 51 and 53, being the downtown Plaza Moreno. This square separates two great architectural works of the city. Metropolitan Cathedral of La Plata “Immaculate Conception” and the Municipal Palace.

The city of La Plata has several monuments and historical sites. Among them are: the great house of Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires, the Curutchet House, House Provincial Government, Casa Mariani – Teruggi, Falkland Islands Cultural Center, Meridiano V Cultural Circuit, Pasaje Dardo Rocha Cultural Center, Church St. Benjamin, the Provincial legislature, Natural Science Museum, Zoo de La Plata, the Dardo Museum Rocha, Fifth Oreste Santospago, the Rector of the UNLP, Railway Museum of Toulouse, the Municipal Teatro Coliseo Podesta, Amphitheatre Martin Fierro, the Estadio Ciudad de La silver, Saavedra Park, the artisans fair in Plaza Italia, the Children’s Republic, the Municipal Ecological Park, among others.

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Tourist circuits from La Plata

Near the urban centers of the province of Buenos Aires there are a diversity of landscapes perfect to travel for a day or a weekend and find rest, adventure, knowledge, pleasure or simply escape from routine; delta and fields, rivers and lagoons, beaches and mountains, cities and towns form a set of tourist options to enjoy all year.

La Plata

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