The fee includes liability coverage and casualty (people or things) to a maximum of AR$ 10.000.000.

Protection against theft / theft partial or complete
Included in the fee and must pay up the full amount of the exemption stipulated for each category.

Coverages and deductions
The fee includes liability insurance coverage with an insurance excess or deductible which varies by type of vehicle. (See Details)

In the rentals of vehicles equipped with airbags, in those cases that are activated, the customer must pay them at the replacement price like any other accessory.

Any fine originated during the period of the rental request will be the responsibility of the client and will be debited from the credit card that is left in guarantee.

Collision Damage Protection
It included in the rate of collision insurance and burglary franchise. It can be ordered sure disposer and reducing 50% of the franchise collision exclusively*.

HERTZ provides insurance limits of liability established by law as provided in the rental application at the time of sending. The policies of global insurance coverage are always subject to change. Please check at time of rental.

*In rentals started in the cities of El Calafate, Trelew, and Puerto Iguazú be paid by the customer for damage or breaks in the windshield and / or damage to decks, wheels and tires (of any kind).
Eliminator insurance is not available at branches of El Calafate, Trelew, San Luis, Río Cuarto, Puerto Iguazú.


As a rental guarantee, a pre-authorization is requested on the customer’s credit card for the amount corresponding to the rented category and the type of coverage contracted.

If the client does not accept the additional coverage, the amount blocked on the credit card is shown in the column Guarantees theft / damage. In case of accepting the additional coverage, the amount of the Franchise damage column reduced to 50% will be blocked.

The customer signs the rental agreement accepting the terms and conditions that include the amount to be paid in case of rollover of the vehicle.

Amounts of franchises and guarantees

Cat. Guarantees Credit card guarantee (available) I overturn
C AR$ 42.000 AR$ 34.000 AR$ 150.000
H AR$ 46.000 AR$ 36.000 AR$ 170.000
H1 AR$ 80.000 AR$ 61.000 AR$ 190.000
K AR$ 80.000 AR$ 61.000 AR$ 190.000
I AR$ 95.000 AR$ 61.000 AR$ 250.000
J AR$ 130.000 AR$ 79.000 AR$ 350.000
M AR$ 95.000 AR$ 61.000 AR$ 250.000
N AR$ 95.000 AR$ 61.000 AR$ 250.000
V AR$ 95.000 AR$ 61.000 AR$ 250.000
W AR$ 95.000 AR$ 61.000 AR$ 250.000
Z AR$ 95.000 AR$ 61.000 AR$ 250.000

In case of choosing drop off with no extra charges fare, the deductions for damages it apply by all concept.