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Posadas – Airport

Posadas – Airport

Ruta Nacional 12 Km. 1366,5, 3300
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Car rental in Posadas Airport

Our office hire car in Posadas is located in the Libertador General Jose de San Martin International Airport. Days and times vary according to flight. We recommend prior consultation. With our service car rental in Posadas the passenger can travel with peace and freedom at all times.

Posadas is the capital of the province of Misiones. It is a city that presents a variety of cultural activities both in what is art, music, literature, and popular demonstrations and religious beliefs, as in the case of the Feast of San Juan where the Traditional Crossing Embers practiced accompanied other games like Ball Tatá, Toro Candil, etc.

The city greatly increased his interest in recent years, especially at the opening of the waterfront on the Parana River, initially about 7 km, which over the years were extended a few kilometers. Posadas has other attractions to enjoy both night and day. bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs, casino, shopping and bowling.

Posadas has several milestones and representative sites. These include: Paraguayan Park, Paseo Cultural "The Terminal", Government House, Amphitheatre "Manuel Antonio Ramirez" market model "La Placita" Plaza 9 de Julio, Plaza San Martin, Cathedral San José, Paseo Bosetti, Bridge International "San R. Gonzales de Santa Cruz", Av. Costanera "Monsignor J. Kemerer" Foundation Stone "Itapúa" Botanical Garden "Alberto Roth" Knowledge Centre, Urban Reserve "Nazari corner".

Near the city of Posadas you can visit the ruins of San Ignacio, only 60 km. They are about the best-known ruins of the reduction of San Ignacio Mini, a Jesuit mission founded by Jesuit father in the early seventeenth century to evangelize the native Guarani. Today, the ruins of San Ignacio Mini are holders of significant value in the province of Misiones They are viewed significant part of history and as a tourist attraction conservándoselas remarkable.

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