We are wherever travellers are

Hertz Argentina is a leading car rental company. Thousands of people around the world choose to enjoy their trip in the comfort of our vehicles. In the year 2000 The Hertz Corporation elected as a master license to Annie Millet an Argentinean car rental company emblem, for the expertise and success in the local market.

Transforming travels into unforgettable experiences. Hertz Argentina operates from more than 30 years in the major cities and airports of the country, giving the passenger the opportunity to drive a vehicle in your chosen destination.

Our service includes unlimited mileage and insurance without deductibles for collision*. So that passengers enjoy the ride with complete autonomy and tranquility. We also have a special rate for picking up the vehicle on a branch and return it in another with no extra charge*.

We have a fleet of vehicles that cater to the mobility needs of all kind of travelers. Whether for family vacations, trips with friends, family getaways or business. In Hertz Argentina there is a vehicle for each.

Today we continue writing the story of the rent a car industry with constant innovation in the service.

Get on a different journey with Hertz Argentina.